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The Next Best Move, by josey wales

The Next Best Move, by josey wales

My friends, there is great confusion and division between us in the Liberty Movement commonly referred to as the R3VOLUTION!. This is a very troublesome time for us. The 2012 Presidential election was our chance and we blew it. Yes, WE blew it. We divided ourselves. We did exactly what they all said we would do.  And now we are left with “it is what it is“. And that “is” I am referring to, is no matter how you look at it, no matter how much you hate it, no matter how you choose to protest it, we will be watching Mitt Romney or Barack Obama taking the Oath of Office for President Of The United States in January 2013.

For almost two months now. since just before the Republican National Convention, we have witnessed and participated in a complete crumbling of our movement. We have spent weeks upon weeks arguing with each other on the best next move. Do we stand our ground and write-in Ron Paul? Do we accept the Libertarian Party‘s nominated Candidate (Gary Johnson) as a lesser of three evils? Do we branch off even further and choose one of the other many 3rd Party Candidates? Do we completely opt out and not vote at all?

While each of these options has merit and can be justified on a principled level in one way or another, we WASTED valuable time trying to convince one another that our choice was the right choice and everyone should get behind it, “for the sake of unity“. Look at what we have become. It’s disappointing and sad. I watched friends in the struggle of liberty turn on one another like rabid dogs. I saw friends and dedicated patriots tell each other they have become statists and traitors to the cause. I, myself have had FRIENDS that I have worked alongside in our struggle for months, de-friend me because I refused to accept their idea of what was the next best move.

I, for one, am tired. I have spent a huge chunk of my life over the last 2 years fighting for what I absolutely believe is essential in restoring and preserving this Republic of ours. At first it was the entire country against Obama and his supporters. It seemed so easy back then. We all knew the policies of the Obama administration were wrong for the country. There was no need to do anything but watch the evening news and argue against everything we saw to any and all Obama supporters.

Then came the race for the Republican nomination. The media gave us a whole slew of new enemies. No longer was it us against them. It was no longer just Republicans vs. Democrats, Left vs. Right, Conservative vs. Liberal. It was us , the Liberty Movement against ALL of them, Statists. This was frustrating and overwhelming to some. Not me. I absolutely LOVED this. Here was my opportunity to make a difference. I saw more people than I could have ever imagined become awake, aware, and educated.

We started with Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum and a few others that nobody ever believed had a chance. They were easy. A few trips to the Google search bar and YouTube, and we had them exposed. Even the die hard Republicans shunned those posers pretty quickly.

There was also the likes of Herman Cain and Jimmy McMillan. “Nine Nine Nine!” and of course, “The rent’s too damn high!”  We had to do very little to expose McMillan. He was a humorous distraction. The mainstream media propped him up as this year’s freak show clown. It actually reminded me of how they have acted towards Dr. Paul for years. And while he was a bit of a joke, as far as Presidential Candidates go, he was instrumental in steering folks our way. Yep, believe it or not, he had somewhat of a following because with that one catchphrase, a lot of America started saying “He’s right! Everything is too damn high!”  And when it became apparent he had no chance of winning or any money to continue, his followers started asking questions. “Who actually has a plan to address these things?” And there were YOU people again, with sound, honest answers, bringing more lost, apathetic voters into the R3VOLUTION!

Cain was a little tougher. He’s no dummy when it comes to money, and our country is in serious money trouble. Here is where I personally was stunned, and awed by the initiative of YOU. In times of past, most people would have said, “That guy’s smarter than me. He’s a successful businessman. How can I possibly say he would be no good for the country? The country’s broke, and this guy isn’t.” And to hear him speak, his 9-9-9 plan sounded light years ahead of anything anyone else was saying. It was simple, catchy, and politically brilliant, as far as sound bites go.

But you people proved to be much smarter than I expected. You researched Cain the man. You studied his economic plan for America. You began reading economic philosophy. You compared the failed policies of the past and present, with this man’s idea of a change in that policy. You overwhelmingly rejected it. And it was not out of ignorance or fear of the unknown. You made the unknown KNOWN! It was a thing of beauty to watch each day, post after post in all of the “conservativeFacebook groups, where YOU people had done the math. I watched you bring Cain‘s supporters to tears, crying “Uncle! We give! You’re right…this WON’T work!

Next we had the “professional” politicians to deal with. Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney. This, my friends, is the point where I felt like a dad watching his son catch his first rainbow trout. Gracefully, with strength and cunning, you angled that 16″, 4lb. speckled beauty to the boat and onto the griddle. I was proud and honored to be a part of this MASS awakening of people. You were relentless in your pursuit of the truth behind these people. You proved that these men were not what they claimed. You dismissed the lies being fed to you by your TV talking heads. You diligently researched the character and records of these men, and exposed them for the Progressive, Elitists that they are.

All the while honing your debate skills. Actually going beyond the talking points of the Libertarian Party, and really becoming Libertarians, Classical Liberals, economic Conservatives. You were NOT the band of 18 year old, angry, pot smoking terrorists the media claimed you were.

We bonded and united behind the only man who exhibited true character and honor through a 30 year unblemished, stellar record of honesty and integrity. This was personally gratifying to me. Most of you know, I have been a Libertarian minded, Ron Paul supporter for many years. Watching this movement grow over the years has been slow, and sometimes painful. But the explosive growth over the last few years has been breathtaking to say the least.

You people didn’t jump on a bandwagon because it was the cool thing to do. You didn’t become a sheep in the herd of what was popular. In all of the research and vetting you did on all these other people, you relentlessly and tirelessly defended this humble man because his message inspired you to learn. You became sponges for truth and knowledge. Again, I have to say, it was breathtaking. None of you were satisfied with defending Dr. Paul with canned soundbite responses. You learned Austrian economics. You argued valiantly the idea of unintended consequences and blow back.  You delved into the dark recesses of the Federal Reserve and discovered that it is neither federal nor a reserve. Regurgitating “the nanny state is bankrupting our nation” was not enough for you. You learned WHY debt is a form of slavery on future generations.

You were no longer disenfranchised Democrats, mainstream Republicans and confused Independents against Obama. You had become enlightened, awakened, aware, educated American citizens against the Statist Elites who are implementing Corporate Fascism and stripping away the Sovereignty of your Country.

You witnessed first hand, these power hungry psychopaths cheat, steal, and lie to prevent the one man who not only predicted the present state of affairs, but has the only sound plan to stop it from ever taking place again. After all of your tireless efforts to find the truth, expose the lies, and recruit your brothers and sisters to the light of liberty, they FUCKED you once again. They have stolen your absolute right to choose and elect the people who represent you.

And that brings me back to “We blew it.” Many people, myself included have, and continue to speculate on the causes and timing of our division.  I am not going to be addressing that or laying blame here. In my opinion, that is our number one problem within our struggle at this time. We are arguing over who is more loyal to the movement, and who we should be voting for and how your vote is a waste, but mine is the way to go, and blah blah blah.

ALL of our votes are “wasted votes!”


Let me make something perfectly clear, and this should be obvious to all of us. Unless you are voting for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, your vote is a wasted vote. I don’t care if every single one of us agreed on one person. Whether it be Paul, Johnson, Stein, Goode, or anyone else, not any one of them is going to be elected President in 2012. It simply is NOT going to happen. We do not have the numbers necessary to make it possible in a popular vote, and there is no way we would get the Electoral College to elect any one of those candidates. Therefore no matter who you are voting for, your vote is a wasted vote. Once you accept that reality, you will have no choice but to stop trying to convince the other guy who to vote for. We have wasted entirely too much time spinning our wheels doing this and it is exactly what THEY wanted us to do. The only thing we CAN do at this point is reunite.

My friends, they are absolutely terrified of us. I know you know this. Look at the money they spent, the time they invested, the lengths they went to, to eliminate Dr. Paul from the process. Do you think they would have gone to the extremes they did if they weren’t absolutely scared to death of us? We are their demise and they know it. They know it more clearly than we know it. And I am convinced that the only way we can defeat them is being united. Not united behind any one man/woman/candidate. We are well beyond that now, and cannot recover on that front. No, we must unite in the refusal to play their game. I’m sure I don’t need to work on convincing you to not vote Romney/Obama. I’m pretty certain; those are not even options in your mind. And I cannot convince everyone to pick one person and unite that way. And even if I could, I have already shown you that it would do no good.

I am encouraging each and every one of you to do exactly what we have always preached we believe in. Vote your conscience. Without hesitation or fail, stand your ground and vote for whoever you believe to be the right choice for you. Period.

PLEASE vote your conscience!


But how on earth does that unite us?”, you are asking. By following through with the submission of your affidavit of recorded proof of your vote. While it is true that if every single one of us agreed to vote for one candidate, that candidate still would not be elected, the same is not true with the affidavit. It is critical and crucial that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US has proof that we did NOT vote for those two guys. When they come back after the election with THEIR numbers and statistics, which I am certain will be “skewed” at best, and FRAUDULENT at worst, we need recourse. Filing this affidavit IS our recourse. It is an actual record of just how many we are. It is an actual record of how many voted for candidate “A”, “B”, “C”, etc…and NOT for Candidate Left Statist or Candidate Right Statist. It is an actual record showing that while we may not be united behind one Presidential Candidate, we are absolutely united behind the movement to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.

Folks, filing this affidavit is an extra 5 or 10 minutes of your time. It can harm you in no possible way. It is in no way stating that you are doing ANYTHING other than what you are going to do anyway. You are still going to vote YOUR conscience without intimidation from ANYONE.  All you are doing by filing this affidavit is confirming in writing, as proof, what we already know to be true. We ARE a force to be reckoned with. We ARE going to have our voices heard. They WILL NOT divide us from our goal. They WILL NOT make us get back in our easy chairs and turn our televisions back on.

I cannot stress with enough emphasis how deeply I believe this to be ourNext Best Move. I believe in you people. I have faith that through all of this turmoil and discourse that you all want to continue our quest. I am confident in your intelligence, dedication, and loyalty to this cause of liberty. None of the core values that each and every one of you holds has been compromised because of the recent setbacks. Please join me in this effort to reunite our movement and show them that We The People ARE united and we are here to stay!.

Here are the steps (READ THESE DETAILS):

1. Apply NOW for an Absentee ballot. Time is limited
If you vote at your polling place not using an absentee ballot, follow the instructions at the bottom of page 3 of the PDFClick on this link, then click on option 3 Get Absentee Ballot, then click on your state…
DO THIS EARLY! You will have to mail in your request for it!
http://www.longdistancevoter.org/#.UGujJq6oaSq2. Then go to this link and print all the 4 pages:
http://www.writeinron2012.com/write_in_minor_party_voter_affidavit.pdfPlease read this document carefully.

Pages 1-2 contain background info as to what we are doing and why

Page 3 of this contains very easy and direct instructions for 2 options–read carefully

Page 4 is the affidavit–read carefully

3. Finally – peruse the www.writeinrevolution.com site at your leisure once you have done the above.



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26 thoughts on “The Next Best Move, by josey wales

  1. Within the circle of people I have come to discuss this issue, most of whom opt to resign their conscience to the hanging of a hat on Romney or Obama based on probable outcome, the very excuse made when confronted by a name such as Paul or Stein or Goode or Johnson, is that he/she has no chance of winning. Are we betting on horses here or are we rallying behind the BEST choice? Are we picking a prospective “winner” or picking a course to prosperity and enhanced Liberty? You would think these folks have some bets on the side for a short-term gain regarding an inconsequential outcome…but this is not the case. If everyone who said “he/she has no chance of winning” simply avoided the learned helplessness that has been programmed into them, and followed the path of their downtrodden conscience, a statement would be made loud and clear…even if the choice did not become the ultimate “winner.” These issue-oriented flyweights who throw their panties in the air when push comes to shove have nowhere to place a credible blame until they see the wrap of skin binding them to the identity of an emasculated pushover, one with no solid conviction, one with no regard for the truth when the “probable outcome” of a puppeteering news source tugs on their leash one time too often. Good article!

    • r3volution! News on said:

      Thank you for your words of wisdom John. You are one who truly gets it. I, myself spent an awful lot of wasted time over the last year or so trying to convey that very thought to people. At this point, knowing how divided we are, my efforts are simply to get an accurate count of how many of “us” there really is. We cannot depend on the people who are in control of such things to be honest with us, since their interests are in direct contrast with ours. Thanks again for your kind words and wisdom.

  2. Excellent article Josey! Thank you! It brought tears to my eyes. We must unite, for Liberty!

  3. That’s some good writing . . .

    • r3volution! News on said:

      Thanks Chris. Believe it or not, you and I have a stronger common bond than we do any petty differences. I hope we both remember that in the future.

  4. Ok, I have finished reading this and here is my “critique” if you will: You certainly have a way with your words J.D. I think that the relaying of past events creates a powerful and motivating feel when reading this. I am sure that your friends are proud of your work. Good job.

  5. Martin Spurrier on said:

    I have been so pissed off about the movement becoming as divided as it has. I have even said, this is what THEY want and this is what THEY have done to other movements like The Tea Party and the Grassroots Movement as a whole. All I have wanted is for us to sand our ground, stand together and move forward. If we do not allow them to divide us, they can’t stop us and we will take our Rights, our Constitution, our Freedoms, our Liberties and our Country back….On With The R3volution

    Great Work… Count me “IN”

    • r3volution! News on said:

      Thank you for your comment Martin. And you are quite correct my friend. They predicted we would fall apart and become divided, and to a point, they were right. As far as standing behind the one man who was monumental in uniting us, we have split. But the movement itself, I am convinced, is stronger than ever. Which is why, I believe so much in this affidavit process. It is the one clear way I have found tohave ALL of our numbers counted. Thank you for your support.

  6. Alina Stannard on said:

    Well done, JD. And did my part in making it go viral.

  7. Great job JW!! Shared with my 5,500+ Facebook friends. I can not accept any new friends but if anybody wishes to subscribe to me just search for Freedom4America. It is my personal page and also I have a fan page as well.

    I also started the group called “Freedom FOR America and NOT a Political Party”!!

    Say NO to ROBAMNEY!!


  8. Interesting conservative-leaning presentation. Did not see any basic mission statement or summary of goals to be attained. One question: are you in favor of cancelling corporate personhood?

  9. Just read this whole thing…..absolutely outstanding Josey!!!

    • Paul, your reply is a non-reply. I did read the “whole” thing. Oh, I saw the statement of an actual, achievable goal…the Liberty Movement to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.

      Take it back to where?

      You can stand outside of the two parties and feel really cool. But “feelings” don’t enact policy and help people dig out from the economic mess left us by the Bush administration. You have to get in there and vote for the better of the two existing major parties.

      But don’t stop there. Take over the party of your choice and make your political point that way. Action gets the job done, not just feeling good about activity which will not yield results.

      Nothing will change until “corporate personhood” is cancelled. Corps are not people, yet can be their own parents, get preferential tax rates and have seats at the US Supreme Court supporting business interests against our own. There are many benefits a corporation enjoys that humans do not.

      I’ll believe a corporation is a “person” when it packs sandbags in a storm and spends time in jail for its transgressions. You may already have a long list of those transgressions!

      • Ok…I wasn’t being a jerk when I said “I just read this whole thing”, LOL. I said that because I pretty much thought it was a great article & I, unlike most people my age, love reading long news/information articles. And what part of my response was bad when I also went on to say, “absolutely outstanding Josey!” ??? I guess some people like yourself are just always angry at everyone all the time though…..

        • Paul, I’m glad to know you and I like to read longer news articles that interest us. I just said your reply was a “non-reply” to my question, which you did not answer. And you still haven’t answered it. By the way, I never mentioned your approval of Josey. Yet, now you guess “people like yourself are just always angry…” Hmm. Pardon me for thinking you might have wanted a thoughtful discussion of an important question underlying this whole “liberty” idea!

      • r3volution! News on said:

        What does “feeling cool” have to do with THIS article? Absolutely nothing. All this article does is address what ACTION can be done along with a meaningless vote from peoplewho have decided not to vote for Obama or Romney. THIS article has nothing to do with “feeling cool” or ignorantly blaming all of America’s woes on one particular President, including Bush.

        • Was the action you recommend to start a petition for change at Change.org, or to cancel corporate personhood at Movetoamend.org, or was it to apply for a state certified “I voted for none of the above” affidavit?

          I admire the “I’m not with them (Dems or Repubs)” but you’ll have to go a bit further than that to make better sense. Otherwise, some people might think you have something to do with the Tea Party patsies, or another fringe group of non-winners.

          Brief analysis of voter/citizen/everyday problems might reveal that corporations get too many (lawful) preferences. I simply asked Paul the question: what is your stand on corporate personhood? Should we cancel corporate personhood? (Ron Paul has said that corporations are not people)

          You might guess what my answer is…hell yes! Cancel corporate personhood and make these companies answerable to the state in which they are chartered to do business. Company millions are not the equivalent of “words.” To hold that a dollar is a word or a paragraph–is comparable to thinking the moon is made of green cheese (or Swiss cheese, my favorite!).

    • r3volution! News on said:

      Thanks Paul!

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