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My Vote Still Belongs To Ron Paul

“Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” Thomas Jefferson

I will write in Ron Paul on my ballot this year.

Why? That’s a question I have been asked many, many times. “Why would you waste your vote? Why not vote for Gary Johnson? At least he’s on the ballot.”

I am aware of this. There are a couple of third-party candidates running. There are also two other people on the ballot, both affiliated with major parties and mountains on money.The average American voter is an uniformed voter. Many watch TV to learn about who is running, and most just follow party over preference. I do not believe that Mitt Romney has a chance to win, but I wouldn’t vote for him, even if he did.

I definitely will not vote Democrat. No worries there.

Will Gary Johnson win? Probably not. We have to face reality here, folks. I would like to see a third-party candidate get a good percentage of the vote, just to scare the neo-cons. Unfortunately, I don’t see a third-party presidency happening any time soon. I do believe that the two-party system is a broken thing that needs to be discarded. Will it happen in 2012? Not very likely.

“Your vote won’t count for anything, even if your state counts the ballots. So, why would you write in Ron Paul?”

It’s fairly simple. He is the only person in this country that I would trust to be my president.

He is the only person who has the virtue and the decency to hold that office, and he wouldn’t have had to cheat to do it.

He is a true leader, and would work for peace and prosperity.

Ron Paul is the only person that ran who is not in favor of intervention in foreign affairs. He was the only candidate who was not afraid to speak up against the reckless spending involved in not only foreign wars, but foreign aid as well. He was the only candidate who was truly concerned about the economy. He champions bringing back a system of sound money, not based on worthless sheets of paper or inflation, but backed by gold, which is steady in value. He would end the corrupt Federal Reserve, and work to make America stronger and fiscally responsible.

He would work to cut off government funding of Planned Parenthood, who are a corporation and thus should fund their own business, not use taxpayer money. He is against abortion, but not against personal liberty. He espouses the Libertarian ideals of Mill, while holding to conservative values.

I could give you many more reasons…a list that would take a very long time to read! So, let’s get to the ones that I feel are the most important:

He was the only candidate that did not pander. He did not just tell people what they wanted to hear; and sometimes people didn’t want to hear what he did say. The truth is not always welcome. However, if we don’t face reality soon, we are headed for economic disaster.

Ron Paul knows that, and he doesn’t want us to suffer for the stupidity of Washington. He predicted the crises that we face because he understands economics. He doesn’t try to soften the truth.

There is no Band-Aid big enough to cover up the wounds that America has suffered.

He was the only one willing to be honest with the American people. He woke people up and warned us about what will happen if we don’t take control of our finances and our freedoms. He truly cares about Americans; not stereotypes or party lines.

Write-in votes count in Iowa. They will not be thrown away at the end of the day. You may think that my vote is wasted. I don’t agree.

A protest vote sends a multitude of messages in a state that counts write-ins. My ballot will say more than, “Congressman Ron Paul.”

My vote will tell the establishment within my state party that I do not accept their nominee, nor do I consent to be governed by Mitt Romney.

It will tell the majority of the Iowa Republican Party that I am still on board with them and that I will continue to work for liberty at a state and local level. It will tell my precinct that I did not waver in my choice of candidate, that I have stuck by the person I stumped for at the caucus.

It will tell my children that I am a principled person, and that I didn’t jump ship when I perceived failure.

It will tell my husband, who is a veteran, that I don’t want to send our children into foreign wars with no declaration or purpose.

It tells me that I did not give up, because giving up is giving in.

I can tell myself that I am doing the right thing, not what someone else tells me to do. I own my vote. I have the freedom to make my own decisions.

I will not turn my back on liberty, and I will stand by Ron Paul.

“Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity. “

W. Clement Stone



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