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The World for Ron Paul

This video was made to show those that doubt Ron Paul’s foreign policy that people around the world agree with Ron Paul’s stance, The media tries to undermine Ron Paul with their biased attempts to say that his foreign policy is out of touch with the rest of the world.
Ron Paul is not a “wacko.” The CIA has coined a term called “blowback” and Dr. Paul understands this better than any candidate running for President. He understands that our actions directly affect our safety and security.

It is time for the American people to realize just how we are seen across the world: WE ARE THE BULLY OF THE WORLD!!

Just because we have power and force does not mean we can dictate what the world does and how the world should behave. We should mind our own business and defend our own borders; not the borders of other countries!

We need to promote peace through example not through force.

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In order for me to use the music in the background, I am required to put it in my video and description. I found this guy with a quick search on Google and the music is pretty awesome. So you can get some free music from below:

Song list in order:
Childhood Memories of Winter (Piano)
Film — Beginnings
Watching the Sun Go Down 2


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