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Are Soldiers Worldwide Refusing to Follow Immoral Orders?

Following immoral orders being followed has killed millions of innocent lives. There is an awakening around the world. Even the soldiers in different armies now see the threat of the central bankers. Are Soldiers Worldwide ignoring immoral orders? During the Stalin era. Many people were murdered without cause by a corrupt dictator. It was done by soldiers who followed his immoral orders. Whether it was done under duress or willingly complying. The man in uniform will have to answer for his actions good and bad. Here are accounts of soldiers refusing to follow immoral orders. Has refusing immoral orders being a trend that scares the power structure?

A documented account happened when the military stood down was the East German Army. The soldiers refused to go crush the unarmed protesters before the Berlin Wall come down. The East German secret Police, the Stasi ran in fear. In no time, communism in East Germany collapsed. Not following immoral orders brought tyranny to its demise.

In Israel, people are petitioning Israeli fighter pilots not to attack Iran. People are seeing the harsh consequence attacking Iran. The US Military top brass are dragging their feet not attacking Iran.  Nobody wants this senseless war. Only warmongering politicians in Israel and in the United States wants this war. Seeing also the private central bankers want a major world war. Many in the military see this war as insanity . The private central Bankers are behind these immoral orders to start wars. Everyone sees it too.

The US Military are starting to refuse these immoral orders. They go against the international rules of war in Iraq seeing them as immoral orders. Many soldiers certainly will not follow orders to disarm the American people. Many said they will not arrest civilians under the NDAA. They will not lock down cities either. Towards the end of the Vietnam war, Soldiers were starting to disobey the chain of command to fire on Vietnamese civilians. They were seen as immoral orders. We are starting to see not only revolts in the ranks in Iraq. Even soldiers are refusing immoral orders in Afghanistan.

A Chinese General refused to march troops on  Beijing to attack unarmed people in Tienanmen square. He seen this being immoral orders. General Xu then said “I cannot follow the orders” He refused to take part in the Tienanmen square massacre. Refusing to follow immoral orders is not just an American phenomena. It could be a worldwide trend.

Before the collapse of Communism in Romania. The Military stood down, they arrested the dictator Ceausescu . The Dictator was executed the next day.The Military in disgust after a week earlier, a violent crackdown on peaceful protesters outraged everyone including the enforcers. They disobeyed immoral orders coming from the communist commissars.

After World War II. NAZI officers were tried in Nuremberg. The legal precedent set standards for the rules of war concerning immoral orders. The legal precedent” I was just following orders” is not a justifiable defense. This is the right ruling because as people. learning right from wrong in our moral upbringing from our parents supported by our religious institutions. We know better. It is still wrong to steal property or kill innocent people. Just because they’re ordered to do so. There’s no excuse.. It’s our duty to say no to immoral orders. 

Everyone in uniform makes a choice. The time is near to follow immoral orders or uphold his oath. We might be facing possible civil unrest nationwide this election day. The man who will be ordered to shoot live ammunition, sound cannons and microwave guns at unarmed civilians. They will be held accountable either way. The US government, the willing accomplice for the bankers helped loot the wealth of the nation. The soldiers will make a choice being complicit committing crimes with the US government cracking down on the population. Are they going to stand against tyranny ?

The East German troops and Romanian Soldiers knew there’s no future fighting for the dictator.  Not following immoral orders has brought down tyranny because the enforcers stood down. The tyrants cannot achieve anything unless they have the police and military’s cooperation to carry it out.

Refusing immoral orders doesn’t make a bad solider because it goes against his conscience. A good soldier is about doing what is right even when it is difficult.



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