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The Coming! FALSE FLAG EVENT and the Control of all Wealth?

The Coming! FALSE FLAG EVENT and the Control of all Wealth?

Only a handful of families control the banks that control the private issue of all money. Their business is simple:

1. Through whatever political means obtain the sole rights to issue currency;

2. Make borrowing easy for everyone and issue loans using fractional reserve ie. PRINT as much money as is required and charge interest;

3 Promote social welfare and warfare as socially acceptable in all nation states and supply the funding required through bond financing ie. PRINT as much money as is required and charge the country interest on their debt;

4. Make legal all of this illusory on request money printing by a binding debt charge that is secured on the asset wealth of the individuals, business ventures and the nations;

5. Then sit back and live on the usury hog for 99 years from 1913. The usury inflation will ensure that individuals gradually find it more and more difficult to cope. The governments collect the usury from the productive by means of gradual rising annual income taxes, a tax first introduced 99 years ago by the Income Tax Act of 1913!;

6. Eventually the day comes when even Governments reach debt saturation and can no longer raise the taxes or pledge more assets to meet the interest on any further new debt and so they struggle to provide welfare payments as well as other commitments;

NOW ASK YOURSELF what would you do as owners of this lucrative scam having now reached the point of sovereign debt saturation? Would you employ Obama a charismatic professor/attorney who is probably lazy and intellectually not the sharpest socialist to head the transition. Or, would you employ Romney, a top league vulture capitalist with a proven experience in asset stripping and in shedding jobs?

7. Meanwhile to keep matters under control, issue free money under a new acceptable term called quantitative easing to underpin the insolvent banks and help the struggling Governments. Experiment with increased austerity as propaganda to get the public used to accepting their on coming hardship. Underpin the stock market to prevent anxiety among the educated elite that otherwise could easily threaten your NOW OPENLY declared shock of pure money counterfeiting. Experiment with poor Greece, put a banker technocrat Government into Italy, write a new money printing law for Europe and all to keep the enormous Euro zone money control scam intact for as long as necessary;

8. Promote international conflicts for strategic purposes aimed to take over the last rogue Central Bank of Iran. Ensure the means are in place to control civil unrest, distract public opinion with lying statistics. KEEP GOLD the only possible antidote under check. It is not a paper derivative of the banks, it is not anyone else’s liability or debt, GOLD is a real tangible asset , it is divisible portable wealth and the only alternative currency;

9. Put you selected man in place in November/January;

10. Meanwhile, RESIST all calls for a competing currency, or an alternate free market presidential nominee, or any compromise towards constitutional adherence that could weaken your control;

11. Then through inflation caused by the trillions in new money printing devaluation or simply by just collapsing the fraudulent derivative market based on the dollar as the reserve currency of the world. All other fiat script money worldwide will collapse in this house of paper and Gold which is the wealth antithesis to fiat paper will explode;

12. The collapse of the entire financial system means the collapse of the WELFARE system and the PANIC collapse of a BILLION jobs. That ensures the inability of the individual and the state to make good on their outstanding debt as all money is essentially withdrawn in the collapsed banks which are immediately protected under a special type administration so that the legal charges will remain backed by encumbered assets while the paper cash is somehow not there. (just as happened to MF Global’s cash and claims);

13. The unlucky number 13! The 1913 golden rule of Global Wealth Control is applied:


14. Issue a new electronic cashless currency backed by gold etc where all transactions are monitored centrally to ensure that tax avoidance is impossible, include RFID chips into the new credit/debit cards to maintain anti fraud control by tracing and monitoring the movements of all electronic currency holders worldwide. Implement a common taxation system worldwide to collect the new rent/interest under an austerity program with technocratic regional Governments promoted as being necessary to stop such a horrific financial collapse from ever happening again in the world;

15. Foreclose and offer to RENT back all mortgaged properties to essentially replace the existing usury with rent and ensure there is no possibility of having private ownership. Buy up or take over all bankrupted sovereign state assets and offer to rent back all new insolvent business enterprises. Treat all company shares that are not registered and are not held directly by the individual as untraceable paper assets;

16. Eliminate all forms of dissent, double up on drone, internet and electronic surveillance as necessary;

17. Make tough choices in the peoples best interests such as unpayable Medicare, the bankrupt Social Security system, Welfare System , bankrupt Pensions Schemes and all forms of Paper assets now deemed to be worthless to a new system;

18. A New World Order is established for a much improved two tier society of those owning all wealth and those that serve. For your own sake own some PHYSICAL gold.



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