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Links to share wherever you see GMO technology being promoted:

Links to share wherever you see GMO technology being promoted:

From our friends at Truth Beckons http://www.facebook.com/truthBECKONS

Genetically engineered foods have spread uncontrollably into wild stocks of healthy biodiversity. GMO corn, for example, threatens native wild maize.


The emergence of a brand new microorganism producing disease and infertility is linked to GMOs, and specifically to glyphosate resistance (glyphosate is the main ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup). A professor emeritus on plant pathology talks about the newly discovered pathogen.


Here’s an interview with him on the subject:


As many predicted, now we’ve got new herbicide resistant super weeds to deal with.


Oh, and now we have new super insects, too.


Harm to health from GMOs is well documented.


A common argument used to promote GMO technology is that it’s necessary to feed our growing population, and that it increases yields. Studies reveal that GM technology fails to increase yields as claimed. They’re good at increasing Monsanto profits, but not increasing the amount of food we’ve got.


Executives from GM companies like Monsanto go through a revolving door with the FDA and EPA which are supposed to be regulating them. The result: they get exactly the regulation that’s most convenient to industry profits, to the extent that the industry is effectively left to regulate itself.


So while GM foods – new organisms that have never existed on the planet before – get a pass, requiring no independent testing or notification, FDA officials raid amish communities with guns to prevent them selling whole milk.


I find Jeffrey Smith particularly eloquent on GMOs. Not only is he incredibly well informed, he’s also entertaining. Here’s an excellent talk you can listen to while you surf, and if you don’t want this stuff off of our menu after hearing it, you clearly weren’t paying attention.


By the way, this technology has also devastated economies and led to thousands of suicides,


What other evidence do we need that maybe the world’s biggest pesticide manufacturers shouldn’t be in charge of our food supply?

GMO fish raise concerns, because just like the wild spread of GMO plants, once they are out in the world, you can never put the genie back in the bottle.


89% of the public wants GMOs labelled. Why aren’t they?


In the EU, the power the industry has over governments ability to act in the best interests of their citizens is revealed in a block against France’s recent ban on GMO maize.


Having seen the devastation GMO technology has brought to our agriculture, as well as the increase in corporate profits, industry naturally looks at the profit part and decides this is a good idea across the board. Now they intend to do the same thing to trees and forestry that has been so vile and threatening to food. This is monstrous and needs to be stopped.


Stop GMO trees.


To my way of thinking, any one of the above facts should be enough for us to rethink genetic modification. Seen all together, I can’t imagine any credible argument that suggests we continue. Please make your voice heard.

Here’s an awesome bit of musical activism that’s informative and compelling on GM foods. I was pleased to download it on iTunes when I learned that some of the proceeds went to support the Institute for Responsible Technology GMO campaign.


Mexican study raises GM concern



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