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State Dept Disregards Human Impact of Iran Sanctions

In a press briefing earlier this week State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland was surprisingly asked a question about the moral nature of the sanction Iran, which are effectively destroying the nations economy.

The people of Iran are suffering so badly from these measures that they have recently taken to the streets in desperation.The following question is what started the discussion:

“Do you have any concern about the effects – the ill effects that the severe depreciation in the currency may have on the Iranian people?

When it’s trading – it’s I think something like 32,000 to 1, that inevitably is going to fuel inflation for anything that is imported. Does it bother you that this may hurt the Iranian people?”

Nuland then dodged the question, responding with:

“Well, any depreciation of currency is always going to affect the people who use the currency.

The issue here are the choices that the Iranian Government is making, and this is the issue, that the Iranian Government needs to make different choices with regard to its nuclear program if it wants to get into a conversation with us about a step-by-step process, including on the sanctions side.”

The reporter questioned further:

“Now, obviously, the Iranian Government, at least for the time being, is very stubborn; it will remain so.

So at what point it becomes really a moral question that the people – 80 million-plus – should suffer so severely because of the stubbornness of their government?”

To which Nuland replied:

“Again, we want the Iranian people as well to understand that this is a direct response to the choices that their government has made in the context of the international community offering them a diplomatic way out, which they should take.”

So much about the nature of war, empire and government is exposed in this small exchange, which was actually a lot longer and more clumsy in the official transcripts, this abridged version was made possible by antiwar.com.

Every major conflict taking place today and every conflict throughout history are the result of collective blame, collective punishment and primitive tribalism.

The spokeswoman explicitly admits that the US government is choosing to punish 80 some million innocent people for actions that were entirely out of their hands.

This is why wars are fought and billions of people are killed, because actions taken by individuals can ultimately blamed on entire civilizations.  And if entire civilizations can be blamed for something that is serious enough to fight a war over, then ultimately entire civilizations filled with innocent people run the risk of loosing their lives because they were being punished for something that they had nothing to do with.

This is the fundamental lie of war, the idea that it is morally justified to punish large groups of people for the actions of a few unrelated individuals.



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