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Is the TSA retaliating against disobedient fliers? Passenger says vindictive agent ‘flicked me in the testicles’ during pat-down

Invasive: TSA agents will pat down air passengers if they choose not to go through airport body scanners

Some air travellers are sounding the alarm over the behaviour of the TSA, with one accusing an agent of flicking his testicles in an apparent act of retaliation for not following his orders.

Steven deForest, a frequent flier, was stunned by the actions of one TSA agent during a recent trip from Las Vegas.

At a security checkpoint, Mr deForest opted out of the body-scanner for a pat-down, and was led into a glass room.

Mr deForest told the Huffington Post: ‘A bulky young TSA agent came over to pat me down. He told me to turn around. He was using his command voice, barking orders.’

He said the agent appeared irritated as he ordered him to turn around, but Mr deForest was not comfortable with taking his eyes off his luggage.

After Mr deForest informed him of that fact, the TSA agent became increasingly more vexed.

He told the Huffington Post: ‘As he raised his hands he was looking at me. Then he gave a quick flick and smacked me in one of my testicles.’

The allegations follow other incidents of alleged TSA misbehaviour in the past few weeks.

A leukemia patient making what she calls an ‘end-of-life’ trip to Hawaii says she was embarrassed by security agents at the airport who refused her request for a private pat-down and made her lift her shirt and pull back her bandages.

Michelle Dunaj, from Seattle, also said an agent at Sea-Tac Airport opened a saline bag, contaminating fluid she needs to survive after the machine couldn’t read it.

Humiliation: Leukemia patient Michelle Dunaj, of Seattle, was making an ‘end-of-life’ trip to Hawaii when security agents at Sea-Tac Airport refused her request for a private pat-down and made her lift her shirt and pull back her bandages

The security screening happened last week as the Detroit-area woman was taking an ‘end-of-life’ trip to Hawaii.

Last month, an irate airline passenger filmed a TSA agent detaining her in Houston Airport for no reason other than her ‘bad attitude’, she claimed.

Uploading footage of the incident on YouTube, the unidentified woman says a TSA agent attempted to test her bottled water for explosives before she boarded her flight, but rather than allow him to do so, she drank it.

The TSA agent then told her that she was missing her flight because of her ‘attitude.’

‘This was inside the terminal at the Houston airport,’ the woman says on her YouTube channel.

Curious: TSA Agents at the Columbus, Ohio, airport test a woman’s water bottle at a departure gate

‘I was not allowed to board a plane (even though I had already been through airport security) because I drank my water instead of letting the TSA “test” it.’

In the video, the woman asks the TSA agent point blank if she is being stopped for security reasons.

‘Let me get this straight, this is retaliatory for my attitude, this is not making the airways safer it’s retaliatory,’ she says.

‘It pretty much definitely is’, he responds.

Though she missed her flight because the agent ‘was mad,’ she said she was able to catch another flight out of Houston with an upgrade, thanks to United Airlines.


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