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Iran Diverts Much of its Uranium for Peaceful Medical Research, Israeli Intel Says

Both Israeli intelligence and the latest IAEA report say Iran is using its 20 percent enriched uranium for medical isotopes

Iran has diverted much of its enriched uranium to peaceful scientific research and medical isotopes, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s latest report and intelligence obtained by Israeli sources.

The report, as well as Israeli intelligence, states that Iran on several recent occasions has used the 20 percent enriched uranium – the highest it has and the portion of the program which most riled hawks in the West – to manufacture fuel rods for research for possible cancer treatment.

This use is exactly the use that Iran has stated its 20 percent enriched uranium is for, as opposed to what war-mongers in Israel and the United States claimed it was for, a creeping nuclear weapons program.

Senior Israeli defense officials told Haaretz that “Iran has moved the wall back by eight months at least,” because uranium allocated to this research is very difficult to revert back for any sort of weaponization.

Senior Israeli officials are now in the process of hyping this aspect of the IAEA’s findings, even though the latest report is from back in August. These Israeli officials are telling the press that Iran’s actions in this respect account for the recent dialing back of Israeli pressure on the US to back a preventive military strike on Iran.



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