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World War III : The Elite Searching For Ways To Start A False Flag Attack And Justify The War With Iran

The Elite are really desperate to start a war with Iran , Iran doesn’t have a Rothschild owned private bank so we got to BOMB the innocent people , the us politics are all in a like Satanist private club and they wanna make bible prophecies come true , but if you see how the little things making a big picture …the media is under control , politics too and all behind we don’t see . War is made by the people who follow , why listen ? thousand humans against One person and don’t agree with it and say NO to the one person who wants the war , why we should do it ? the humans don’t want it! there are millions humans, who don’t want to shoot or to kill anyone , why they follow ? its just one guy ! Everyone cries but why the soldiers don’t drop their weapons and give to the politicians and say YOU WANNA KILL SO DO IT ON YOUR OWN



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