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Congress Vacates Washington, Obama and Israel Prepare to Attack the Middle East – by Susanne Posel, September 26th, 2012

The entire Congress in Washington has left the Capitol and will be on hiatus until after the November election. This unprecedented move effectively shuts down the most important branch of our government in the weeks leading up to election season.

Although Congress has traditionally left Washington, DC to campaign for elections, this year marks the earliest departure in decades. GOP leaders left with unfinished business on their desks. And with recent changes in our nation’s climate (i.e. QE3 and the looming threat of war in the Middle East) Congress appears to be willing to take the verbal bashing by being called “lame-duck” rather than continue working on Capitol Hill.

There is no shortage of name calling in the mainstream media. The new federal budget was ushered to Obama before Congress vacated the Capitol. However, other issues like taxes, farm policy and legislation to “save the Postal Service from insolvency” were abandoned as if not important.

The Congress also made sure that a new $635 billion defense budget was passed in the House, while the Senate had yet to vote.

Leaving spending cuts to the tune of $109 in the defense and non-defense budget for established programs undecided simply allowed them to automatically take place at the inception of the New Year since alternatives were not met.

Why would our elected Congress leave Washington, DC so suddenly, with unfinished work as if abandoning their post?

TruNews radio host Rick Wiles believes that with the massive amount of Russian troops entering the US through Canada, there is a Congressional hit-list and most on Capitol Hill will be assassinated.

Foreign troops, under the thumb of NATO are being primed to takeover America under the direction of the global Elite once martial law in declared in a “brown shirt” army to control civil unrest and maintain order by any means.

Mainstream media is assisting in purveying the manufactured threat of Islamic extremists being a threat to America. Radical Muslims, according to the propaganda, are planning on implementing terroristic schemes in the domestic US that coincide with the CIA-sponsored devastation being carried out by al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Heidi Beirich, director of the intelligence project at the FBI-controlled Southern Poverty Law Center, maintains that “domestic terrorism is as much a threat as foreign terrorism. The government needs to get serious about this.”

The UN Security Council (UNSC) met in secret to discuss how to handle the growing manufactured unrest in the Middle East, with specific attention to the false flag attack bombing in Libya and murder of US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.

President Obama, being head of the UNSC, was present at this meeting of globalists to finalize their agendas in certain Arab Nations. Obama is expected to admonish Russia and China for their support of Iran at his address to the UN General Assembly.

In a new report released by the UN entitled, Transitional Justice – Foundation for a New Libya , there was a descriptive demand for a new government to be installed in Libya under the claim of a just strategy that rewrites legalities of the UN from an international body advocating peace to an over-reaching panel of unelected global delegates who decide international policy.

The UNSC has decided that they will transition controlled implementation of a pasty-leader who will enact globalist schemes under cover of bring democracy to this Arab nation. However, the initial destruction of Libya coincided with Qadhafi’s issuance of the Dinar, a gold-backed currency that would have liberated African nations from the grip of the central banking cartels.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are awaiting the go-ahead to attack Iran as the Israeli military are on standby. While Defense Secretary Leon Panetta claims that the Obama administration is hesitant toward beginning a military strike against Iran, the script is being acted out perfectly.

Representatives from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) have announced they will strike if Israel strikes preemptively. Meanwhile, the US armed forces are positioning themselves in strategic areas to infer a war will be taking place very soon. Along with naval forces, an estimated 68,000 US troops are arriving in Afghanistan.

Amir Ali Hajizadeh of the IRGC remarked: “We see the United States and the Zionist regime (of Israel) alongside one another and we can by no means imagine that the Zionist regime would initiate a war (against Iran) without the U.S. support. There will be no neutral country in the region. To us, these bases are equal to U.S. soil.”

It is the understanding of Zionist-plant and current mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, that the US will declare war with Iran in 2013. Netanyahu’s uncontrollable anticipation of attacking Iran is quite obvious in the public domain.

And as this threat is mounting, the US Congress is taking off to enjoy a “vacation” to focus on campaigning, getting reelected – and leaving Obama behind to declare a war in the Middle East without the public admission of circumventing Congress as he did the first time he attacked Libya.



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