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Israel To Attack Iran In October ?!

Iran’s October Non Surprise : Will Israel strike Iran between October 2 and November 8, 2012? Many in Israel think so, and they produce seemingly compelling evidence for this conclusion. Such an attack would have unthinkable consequences for the entire world. The Glo-Baal-ists rely upon the exact same tactics which they have always relied upon. The low grade of sentience pervasive throughout the human species is as such that upgrades toward their techniques are unwarranted. Expect the absolute worst. They are capable of no less. They are desperate to create WW3, they know the US will collapse soon because is bankrupt. They believe they can stop this from happening if the US and NATO countries go to war with Russia, India and China. They are desperate and believe the US will be again the only standing super power. They know if the Americans go belly up Israel will not last a decade



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