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It is truly disgusting that yet again we are fed the line of going after a country that has apparently weapons of mass destruction , horrible evil people hell bent apparently on killing you and yours. How much more debt are we to incur where none of us as people have even been asked about our opinions, how many more of our men and women are to be sacrificed in this disgusting agenda by puppet politicians that are NEVER held accountable ……..all doing their bit to bring in the agenda of a one world totalitarian government. It really is time for everyone to wake up , after all, it’s your very lives and everyone you care about that is at stake here. They apparently already have United Nations troops, ready to come into our countries to bring in martial law( United Nations did NOT sign up to the Geneva convention and thus can do any genocidal actions they like as they have done so many times in the past) , Example: Madeleine Albright 60minutes interview clip 23 seconds long http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijgpKUmvd2Q talking about 500,000 Iraqi children who had died up till 1996 alone . Not to mention the MILLIONS of others who have died since then, the depleted uranium dropped on Iraq and many other countries which has caused utter destruction and ongoing eugenics of both their peoples and our troops http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ef1S0GsHzsg .
Wake up people, this is real, learn about the new world order and who is behind it.
The ONLY reason these utter scum are getting away with this is YOUR apathy . DO SOMETHING, tell everyone you know, DO NOT RIOT ( they want you to do that and they are well tooled up for it)………….EDUCATE .


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