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Islamic terroroists on the US payroll

Terrorism is OK so long as your on OUR payroll and terrorize the targets WE don’t like.
Examples the US backs or has backed

The Zia ul-Haq in Pakistan,
The Mujahideen of Afghanistan,
Abu Qurah in Jordan,
The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
MEK (Mujahadeen e-Kalk) in Iraq/Iran
Jundullah South Pakistan
Salafi Jihadist, FSA in Syria and this is a number of groups with GCC and NATO sponsors

And then the US supports the government in the Republic of Yemen despite its election only having one name on the ballot.
(ROY) Hadi North Yemen, the US claims to be supporting the government in a fight against “al qaeda” the reality this is still the unresolved conflict between North and South Yemen from their civil war from 94. There was even a secession movement as recently as 2007 but all of that history you see is ignored. Why acknowledge the civil war (almost exclusively fought in the South) or a secession movement when it’s much easier to just scream Al Qaeda and support the puppets. They love the simplistic GI Joe narrative of we are good they are bad, its us vs Al Qaeda. :roll:

But you see its not terrorism when WE do it, and anyone opposing us is either Al Qaeda if it is not a government or the infamous “Next Hitler” if it is a government.

The US also supported the Turkish government even while it was in the middle of ethnically cleanings Kurds, and of course the US supports the Israeli government even as it ethnically cleanses Palestinians. In Uzbekistan the US can support a leader who has both boiled alive and frozen to death his opposition. In Burma the tyrant can hold the elected leader in jail and run ruck-shop. But none of that matters. Most Americans don’t even know where those places are.

The Muslim Brotherhood like Hamas is at best controlled opposition, useful idiots. Interestingly to me is the support for MB back in the 90s. Who was it the FBI was working with trying to pin the WTC 93 bombing on? Egypt by blaming the MB. And yet in court even in the US they were cleared for shooting mr never again Rabbi Meir Kahane. They blamed that on El Sayyid Nosair, yet nothing happened to him, later he was involved in the 93 wtc bombing. Remember that crap? The press was all over the blind sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, this guy despite being on a terrorist suspects list from the State Department just moves to the US and openly lived in New Jersey. He got a green card for christ sake anyway… I dont feel like explaining WTC 93 but think about this Ramzi Yousef who was balmed for it who escaped until ISI caught him in 95 is the nephew of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed the supposed mastermind of the 911 wtc attacks. Yet in 93 it was the FBI itself who allegedly botched a sting operation on a MB cell and gave them real explosives and made no attempt to arrest them. The handler (case officer) for these dupes was Josie Hadas from the Mossad. She fled back to Israel. Yousef goes to the Philippians and the FBI/media tries to spin the whole event as hard as they can to be blamed on Iraq. The main culprit in that blame Iraq bullshit was the CIA’s James Woolsey the same ass hat who went to the UK after 911 and came back claiming Atta met with Iraqis in Prague. That was the original source of those lies that Schmitt and Kagan wrote in WS for PNAC and you all know the story from there.

Of course in Egypt Mubarak was the first pick but they had a real revolution not the manufactured kind like in Libya and Syria. Saying oh no not the MB was like Ber Rabbit saying “please dont throw me in the briar patch”



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