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Salafi Jihadist Tied To Al Qaeda Named In US Ambassador Murder


A Salafi Jihadist tied to Al Qaeda has been named as playing a key role in the attacks on the Benghazi compound that claimed the life of Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Despite claiming for over a week that the attack on the Benghazi compound in Libya was a spontaneous escalation of violence new details have emerged countering the Obama administration’s official narrative.

Former CIA torture detainee Sufyan Ben Qumu has been named as being involved in the attack and even may have led the attack, according to top Fox News intelligence sources.

Qumu is reported to have been released from the CIA torture site in Guantanomo Bay Cuba in 2007  and transferred into Libyan custody after which he was released in 2008 by the now deposed Qaddafi regime in an attempt to reconcile with the Islamic Jihadists conducting terror attacks.

After Qumu’s release he went on to fight with NATO backed Libyan Islamic Fighting Group,  a known Al Qaeda affiliate, which is also now sending Jihadists to fight with the NATO backed Syria rebels to topple the Assad regime.

Qumu Guantanomo Bay dossier shows that not only did he have direct ties to Al Qaeda but that he also had direct ties to the financiers of the 9/11 hijackers.

As Saudi Arabia is currently a key strategic asset in the imperialistic foreign policy goals of the United States you will not hear alongside current corporate media reports on the Ambassador’s murder that the 9/11 hijackers were funded by the Saudis although the media has certainly reported in in the past.

You will also not hear from the corporate media that the Islamic Fighting Group along with Al Qaeda and numerous other Islamic Jihadist group all fall under the umbrella of Saudi Arabia’s extremist Salafi sect of Islam.

Oh, Did I mention that even Hilary Clinton admits that we created Al Qaeda? With the help of Saudi Arabia to indoctrinate the extremists of course



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