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Judge Napolitano: Congress ‘Lacks Will and Discipline’ to Monitor Waves of New Federal Regulations



Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared this morning on Varney & Co. to discuss the waves of new federal regulations that have been added to the books during the Obama administration. The cost to implement the new regulations, across a number of federal agencies, is $488 billion.


Judge Napolitano pointed out that Congress has the power to object to a proposed regulation, but often times lawmakers don’t even read them.

“If Congress doesn’t like what the EPA is doing, Congress can undo it. But if Congress doesn’t know what the EPA is doing because they’re too lazy to read the regulations, we’ll all suffer,” he said.

Watch the full discussion here: http://foxnewsinsider.com/2012/09/20/judge-napolitano-congress-lacks-will-and-discipline-to-monitor-waves-of-new-federal-regulations/


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