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Judge Napolitano: Arizona Police Have Very Limited Capacity to Enforce Immigration Law.


The most controversial portion of Arizona’s immigration law will take effect this week. A judge ruled that police can start enforcing the “show me your papers” provision, which allows them to check the immigration status of people suspected of being in the country illegally.
Critics have expressed concern that the law could lead to racial profiling.
However, senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano explained on America’s Newsroom that Arizona police are now very limited due to the Supreme Court striking down most of the Arizona immigration law.

“Remember this, being here illegally is not a federal crime and no longer an Arizona crime. So if a person is here illegally, they don’t get arrested by the feds or by the state, they are quote ‘deportable,’ but they remain free until their deportation case is heard and concluded by a federal judge,” Napolitano said.

He also pointed out that the Arizona law requiring people to carry immigration papers was also invalidated by the Supreme Court.



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